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Harley Davidson - Classifieds is a nationwide marketplace for buyers, sellers, collectors and rebuilders of cycles of every make and model; stock to custom - antique to modern.

The system includes sections for cycles for sale & wanted, parts & accessories, collectables, and many others.


Photo Classifieds
If you are selling a motorcycle, parts, accessories, etc. and you purchased a photo type ad, simply send us a clear picture (color, Polaroid, b&w OK - no slides or negatives, please) of the motorcycle or part along with your ad id #. If you have a jpg, gif or bmp type picture file you can attach it to email and send to adpicturefiles@gmail.com along with your ad id #.

For a short time, the following discounted advertising costs are being offered:

$15 - with 1 picture (6 weeks)
$20 - with 2 pictures (6 weeks)
$25 - with 3 pictures (6 weeks)
$30 - with 4 pictures (6 weeks)
$40 - with up to 8 pictures (6 weeks)


You can pay by either check or money order or Paypal or Credit/Debit card.

If you would like to pay online just email that request to us and we will get an invoice emailed to you from which you can make your payment.

After placing your motorcycle for sale ad or part for sale ad with us, the system will display a receipt page. It is a good idea to print this page. It will contain your ad id # and your password for editing your ad.

If paying by check, send payment payable to Webmaster D.E.M. along with your ad id # to:

Webmaster D.E.M.
Box 101, W 1st
Nelson, NE 68961-4459

Once we have activated your ad and it starts to show in our system, there will be no refunds!

Buyers like to see a picture of what is being advertised and the ads that have a picture shown with them will be visited more than those without a picture. The main benefit of advertising on the internet is being able to show your picture with your ad. It is not necessary to show a picture with your ad but would be to your benefit in drawing buyers to your ad.

Featured Ads

We also offer featured ads on our Homepage for cycle ads. Cost is an additional $100 per featured ad. This featured ad will expose your ad to all of our visitors. You must have a picture with your ad in order to purchase one of these featured ads.

To purchase a featured ad space please click on: Purchase Featured Ad.

Business Ads

You can also advertise your cycle related business on our Homepage. Business Ad links on our Homepage of Harley Davidson - Classifieds cost only $50/month and are available on a first come, first served basis. If you have any questions about advertising your business on our Homepage feel free to contact us via (e-mail).

If you want to increase traffic to your site, a link on Harley Davidson - Classifieds is a good investment.

All advertising space is sold on a first-come, first-served basis. To reserve ad space please contact us via e-mail.


It is not required to be a subscriber to place ads. You can place as many ads as you like.


Harley Davidson - Classifieds

Place your classified ads on-line! No waiting for ads to be posted. After placing your ad and placing your payment in the mail, just send us an email along with your ad #, your contact phone number and a request to start your ad and we will activate your ad. We must receive your payment within 5 days or the ad will be removed and cannot be placed again. We will place your pictures with your ad the same day we receive your payment for the ad.

Use the Online Classified Ad Setup Form to post your ads.

Harley Davidson - Classifieds is on the WEB for the purpose of providing motorcycle enthusiasts with a medium that enables them to advertise and sell cycles, parts and accessories to others.

We respect your right to privacy.

Our classified ad database lists thousands of classified ads, making it one of the largest on the internet. All of the ads that appear online are posted by the sellers and buyers themselves.

Please look over our site and e-mail your thoughts, comments and ideas on how we can improve these services.

Thank you for stopping by.

We wanted to make you aware that there are people sending out an email like the one shown below. Some may say they are from Nigeria or Africa or some other foreign country. We have heard that these people pay with a bad cashiers check so be very leery of any email such as the one shown below. People all across the internet have been receiving these types of emails. We wanted to make our advertisers aware of this.

Good day,
I am a business man in london,i would like to have the cycle. i understand it is for sale(Chevy, Corvette), so then i will be offering you the sum of $18000.00 for the payment,but if my offer is accepted by you,then i think i should i will like to see some more pics of it and i also want to let you know that i intend paying for it with a cashier's check drawn from a US bank due to the fact that wire transfer these days is not safe for payment,so then i will kindly wait you,as you reply soon,so we can get on with the transaction immedaitely.
Thank you very much as i await your reply.

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E-mail: harleydavidson-classifieds@windstream.net